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  1. I recently attended a wedding fair and chatted to couples about their wedding plans and stationery ideas. Most couples were shocked when I told them, “Save your money by not sending paper save the date cards out” one couple said to me, “aren’t you talking yourself out of a sale by saying that?”

    Well, they could be right, but in this electronic age, not all wedding stationery has to be a physical paper product.


    Electronic save the dates are a fantastic way of reaching all your guests and are a cheaper alternative to sending paper save the dates. They can also be dynamic, whereby you can easily get them updated, with minimum cost, should your wedding date change (fingers crossed we are past that now!) or you need to add key details prior to your invitations being sent out. Another great reason for sending them electronically is to help keep down the carbon footprint of your wedding.

    You can also send electronic save the dates out across different platforms. For example, you could send them to your guests via WhatsApp or text message or you can send them via email. You could even post them to your social media accounts if you wanted to shout it out to the world!

    Electronic Save the Date Mr and Mrs Design

    I have said before in previous blogs and it is written on my website, you do not necessarily need to send out a Save the Date card. If your wedding is not during a school holiday, bank holiday or national holiday such as Easter or Christmas then you do not need to send out a Save the Date card. However, having said that, an electronic save the date, is a cheaper alternative to sending paper ones, and you could, therefore, send one out regardless of your wedding date.

    Electronic Save the Date Ethereal Eucalyptus Design

    To find out more about electronic save the dates, contact me. I can design something truly bespoke for you as a couple, which could then be brought forward into the rest of your wedding stationery, which will keep your themes and colours on point throughout the wedding.

    Have you thought about sending electronic save the dates? Let me know in the comments box below.

  2. Earlier in the year I was asked to pattern test a reversible baby hat by the very talented pattern designer Katie of Sunshine Crochet Gifts.  We got chatting through Instagram and I was immediately struck with how easy going, kind and helpful Katie was. 

    Sunshine Crochet Logo

    I would call myself an intermediate crocheter who has LOTS to still learn about this craft.  I favour crochet amigurumi, which is essentially 3D crochet, such as soft animals or toy, decorations etc.  I hadn’t made much clothing prior to this.

    The pattern was easy to follow, and like many documents that require proof reading there’ll always be typos to correct.  However, the thing I really struggled with was the photographs in the pattern.  Why?  Well, they were for right-handed crocheters. 

    White hat with yellow trim

    There is a difference between left and right-handed crochet, as in left-handed crocheters work from left to right and right-handed crocheters work from right to left.  This means that some patterns must be worked back to front for left-handed crocheters, and the photographs can be difficult when they are essentially in reverse.

    White Hat with Green border

    I discussed this with Katie, as I was struggling on a colour change stitch because I couldn’t decipher the photograph which was in reserve for me.  This was something new for Katie to consider, which she would openly admit to you now. 

    Like a true professional she went away and adjusted the pattern and added the ‘left-handed’ photographs in, by simply reversing her right-handed photographs.

    This change immediately had an impact of my understanding of the pattern, and I was able to complete the hat quite confidently.

    White Hat with Blue border

    Katie then designed a reversible cardigan to go with the hat, which was more of a challenge for me as I’d never made a cardigan before. Katie took on board my comments about left-handed crocheters and ensured that she included photographs and instructions for both.  During this pattern test, I joined a community of other pattern testers who were also testing the cardigan.  It was great to be able to share ideas, solve problems and learn lots from other crocheters around the world. I was really pleased with my cardigan and so grateful to have had the help from not only Katie but the other pattern testers who have now become my ‘go to’ group for any crochet issues I need help with.

    White Cardigan with Yellow Trim


    White Cardigan with Orange Trim

    I am currently pattern testing a beautiful shawl for Sunshine Crochet and I can’t wait to share the finished result with you.  

    You can follow Katie on instagram: @sunshine_crochet_gifts

    You can follow Needle & Fred on instagram: @needles_and_Fred