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  1. As a wedding stationer and I think there are many advantages to choosing handmade weddings stationery rather than shop bought stationery.

    Pearl Passion Pocket Invitation

    With shop bought stationery, whilst you have a great selection of quality products, there is no opportunity to personalise or have a bespoke design.  If you’re buying from a shop, chances are, many other couples will have chosen the same design as you.

    So, what are the merits of handmade stationery?  Here at Yours Occasionally, I offer a one-hour consultation to all my couples.  We sit down together and talk through the couple’s ideas for their wedding.  This helps me build a picture of what they’re looking for, what sort of style the want and how they are as a couple.  All this information helps me put together a bespoke design for the couple.  I can incorporate the chosen colours, or a specific design, or even a bespoke illustration of the venue. 

    Hand Painted Map of Venue

    You will have had the opportunity to choose which colour card, what font style and colour you want for your stationery. With handmade stationery, you get the opportunity to approve the design and text before the items are made and make changes right up to before they are printed.  It also means there is no finite number of items you must have, you only order as many as you need.  I work to couples’ deadlines, so they know when they can expect to take receipt of their stationery.  I help them work out RSVP dates and plan out when each item of stationery should be made.

    Seating Plan Cards

    Once production starts, each item is individually printed and finished, either with embellishments or ribbon.  Every piece of card is cut to size, and only high-quality products are used to ensure a professional, clean finish. 

    Handmade items always feel special. They show your guests that you care about them and your wedding day, and quite often can become a great ice breaker or a talking point on the day.

    No order is too small or too big for Yours Occasionally, why not book a consultation today and see for yourself what we can do for you.

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  2. For me, being invited to a wedding is a real privilege, it’s hard to scale down that guest list, so to make the cut it a great feeling.  A couple will have spent months, even years, planning and organising their big day and making it special for not only them, but for you as a guest.  All those little special touches really do take a lot of time to organise, plan and prepare and in some cases break the budget.  

    Bride and Groom Placecards

    We go along as guests and sometimes the little touches go over our head and we just amble along and have a nice time, or we go with our eyes open and appreciate all those little touches, the matching ribbons tied round the chairs, the after dinner Petit Fours, the personalised favours and the DJ who plays all of the music you like.  As a guest you feel special and go away having had an AMAZING day. The happy couple did all of that for you, on their big day, so what are you doing for them? 

    Wedding Invitation

    This will (should be!!) the happiest day of the couple’s life and you are attending their wedding to support them during this important and life changing event.  You will mostly likely know one of couple more than the other or be blessed enough to know them equally.  They have selected you from no doubt a long list of family and friends, because they want you to share in their happiness.

    You want them to have an amazing day and for that to happen you must play your part so here are some tips to be the perfect wedding guest

    • Be punctual, often the couple will put “2.00pm for a 2.30pm ceremony” this is because the ceremony needs to start promptly at 2.30.  Leave yourself plenty of time to get the venue and for parking if necessary.

    Church Clock

    • If there is a dress code, adhere to it, don’t try to be a rebel or wear something whacky because you think they’ll think “it’s a hoot” the dress code could be determined by the venue and you’ll feel uncomfortable if you are the one wearing the clown suit and everyone else is dressed in a penguin suit.

    Groom and Groomsmen

    • These days, with social media being so readily accessible, couples often ask that you don’t post photos of the wedding until after the evening guests have arrived, so that they have the element of surprise.  Make sure you respect this request. Besides you should be in the moment of the day rather than taking selfies in the restrooms.


    • Be prepared for the photos.  As a guest the photos can seem to take ages and you can find yourself hanging around with nothing to do.  Help speed up this process by going straight over when you’re called for a photo an encourage others to do the same.  Don’t photobomb the pictures with grandma in, you may end up being persona non-grata.

    Group Wedding Photo

    • Don’t drink too much during the reception drinks.  On average each guest will get 1.5 reception drinks, if you drink more than this, you’re drinking someone else’s drink and that’s just not cricket.

    Place Name Cards

    • The couple will have spent a long time choosing the food for everyone.  It’s no easy task when you must take everyone’s dietary requirements and food allergies into consideration.  If you are lucky enough to be given a menu to chose from prior to the wedding, make sure you remember what you chose to speed up the serving.  Also, don’t confuse the staff by saying “I didn’t order that” to get a laugh.  It’s not funny and it might confuse the whole process for the staff.  The food will reflect the couple’s choice and not yours so no rude remarks about it, news like that will travel to the top table like wildfire.

    Wedding Breakfast Meal

    • Remember, what happens on the stag or hen do, stays on the hen or stag do, so it won’t be appreciated if you start up the secret routine on the dance floor, or blab about what the hen or stag did or didn’t do to Aunty Mavis.

    Bridal Party Lanyards

    • Always thank the happy couple for inviting you and tell them what a lovely time you’ve had.  They will have spent a lot of the day worrying about whether you’ve enjoyed yourself, so don’t be afraid to let them know you’ve had fun.

    Thank You Cards