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Very occasionally a project drops into your lap, that not only excites you, but really challenges you.  The amazing project that dropped into my lap was from our very own Natalie Burgess of Louise Perry Weddings.  Our girl is getting married in September and I was absolutely honoured to be asked to make her wedding invitations. She knows some great stationers out there, so to be selected was a real compliment. 

Natalie and Adrian came for a consultation and were quite secretive and giggly to start with.  Natalie announced that she had a challenge for me, and promptly pulled out a tipi style construction and asked if I could turn it into an invitation.  After picking myself up from the floor, I took a long look at the tipi and thought - yeah, I can do this! 

Not only did they present me with that challenge, they also wanted a hand painted map of where the church and venue are.  I haven't painted for a while so it was both thrilling and scary to get my paints out again. 

 I started with the design of the tipi, ensuring that all the wedding information fitted on each side of it, I made a few test tipis to make sure that they stayed up and stayed together, which they did. 

I had to also find an envelope that was the right size to house the tipi when it was flattened down for transit, and to fit the bamboo sticks into.  The guests would then have the fun of constructing the tipi themselves upon opening. 

Next was tackling the map,  I found a good picture of the church online and drew an outline of it.  I then settled down with the paints and spent a really enjoyable afternoon painting the church. I also hand drew and painted an illustration of a bluebell, as they are having their reception in a Bluebell Wood. 

When you work with a wedding planner, it can be a little intimidating to show them your work, as they see many other stationers who are brilliant at what they do. However, Natalie and Adrian were really happy with the finished product and paintings and the great thing is, they have been well received by the guests, who have sent the happy couple photos of their completed tipis. 

This is a project that I am really proud off, it tested my current skills and taught me new ones. 

Bring on the next challenge! 

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  1. Wow Fred!! You have excelled yourself here. Just when we thought your designs couldn't get any better you pull this out of the bag! Great work - you should feel justifyibly proud of yourself.

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