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Ho, Ho, Ho, Hello! As we start preparing for Christmas this year, I am trying to recreate the memories of my childhood Christmases for the next generation to enjoy.

Not having children, myself, I feel like my Christmases lose some of that sparkle each year, as our traditions of old die off and new, more grown up ones, replace them. 

3-Letters from Santa (4)

The one thing I really miss is visiting Santa in his Grotto. That really cemented Christmas for me as a child, it was the validation that Christmas time had started.  However, back then, I never knew if Santa received my letter.  Would I get that bike? Would he remember that I wanted a blue tent for Sindy not an orange one?

6-Letters from Santa (1)

I am hoping this year I have solved that problem for the children today.  A letter FROM Santa will give them the reassurance they need to know that Santa received their letter or remembered what they asked for when they visited him at his Grotto. Imagine their faces when they see that Santa has written a letter to them.   They’ll see their name and what present they asked for, along with some encouragement and praise about how they’ve behaved this year.

2-Letters from Santa (3)

Listed below details required to make their letters from Santa truly personal. 

  •  Name of child
  • Gender of child
  • Are they at Nursery, Pre-School, or School?
  • Do they have siblings and what are their names?
  • What present have they asked for?
  • What address should the letter be sent to?
  • When are they sending their letter to Santa or seeing him at his grotto?
  • What town does the child live in, if it differs from the address for the letter to be sent to?
  • Sign off from Santa Claus or Father Christmas?

 5-Letters from Santa (7)

All letters will contain a small bag of ‘reindeer food’ and a retro sweet bar.  The letter is mounted on a blue pearlescent card, giving it a luxurious feel. 

If you would like to order a letter you can order from my Etsy Shop.  You just need to answer the questions above in the ‘contact seller’ box.

Let the magic begin. 

Click here to got to my Etsy Shop

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