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Wedding suppliers seldom work in isolation. Although we may be the only people working in our business (like me), we still interact with other suppliers.

  We must, we couldn't do our jobs properly if we didn't communicate with other wedding professionals. We work together to ensure that we bring your wedding day together seamlessly.

 One of the wedding professionals I am lucky enough to work with is the multi award-winning   Louise Perry Weddings. Louise Perry & Natalie Burgess work at LPW bringing together the most amazing weddings for their clients (I cannot say wedding day, because some of the weddings span several days). Just look at their show reel for proof.


 If you want your wedding day to look that good, it takes hard work and dedication and that's where LPW comes in. They will recommend carefully selected suppliers that they know will compliment you and your wedding and they will create an extraordinary day for you, that you will truly treasure forever. They have a very keen eye for detail as well as a broad vision that allows them to see your big day before you can even imagine it.


I am lucky enough to be one of the recommended stationers that they choose to work with and I have worked on the most amazing weddings with them that have really given me the opportunity to let my creativity shine.


I was also a client of LPW, Louise & Natalie planned and hosted my 40th Birthday Party. It was the most stress-free party of my life. I remember having lunch with friends on the day of the party (completely unheard of if you’re having your own party!) and they remarked at how calm I was.  “Why aren’t you rushing around getting ready for your party?” was what I was asked.  “Well because I have hired an event planner to do the stressing for me.” I did feel calm. I turned up at the party like the other guests and everything was ready to go.  Everything I’d asked for was in place.  If that wasn’t enough, they made sure that everything ticked over nicely during the party, so that meant making sure the DJ got his timings right, that guests were using the photo booth, that the food came out on time, that the cake got cut, that speeches were done.  They were like ghosts, I didn’t see them doing their jobs, they were just done.  At the end of the night, I left like everyone else and they even cleared up afterwards.  Now who wouldn’t want to be that calm and relaxed on their wedding day!? 


I really cannot recommend Louise Perry Weddings enough.  Even if you think you don’t need a wedding planner it’s always worth learning more about what they can do for you.  They have just launched My Bride Tribe, a FREE online community that gives you direct access to them and other brides where you can discuss your wedding plans and get invaluable advice from two award winning professionals. 

Photographs Courtesy of Julie Michaelsen Photography

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We love working with you and value everything you have brought to all of our clients weddings. Heres to many more xx

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