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Welcome to Fanday Friday.  Today Yours Occasionally brings you a great interview with Michael Frank Jewellers.  Over the years I have gotten to know the Michael Frank team on a professional and personal basis.  It's clear to see that they love what they do.  Jewellery design runs in the blood, I really hope Michael & Amanda's children will keep up this tradition. Not only is their jewellery of outstanding quality, so is their customer service.  Choosing an engagement or wedding ring should be a joyous occasion and that joy will only be there when you chose the right jeweller.  I wouldn't recommend any one else but Michael Frank, read their interview to find out why they're my only choice. 

 How long have you been designing and making jewellery?

The Michael Frank Story started in 1990…Michael started his love affair with jewellery whilst working in the family jewellery business as a young boy. His father, also a jeweller passed his love of design, fine jewels and passion for luxury onto his son who after a successful career in the British Army met his wife Amanda. Together they established Michael Frank Jewellers.

 wedding dayAmanda and Mike Stapleton

Where did you learn your tradecraft?

Michael learned his craft from his father (also called Michael) who has been a jeweller for over 50 years.  As did his older brother who is also a jeweller. Making jewellery clearly runs in the blood!

Michael Stapleton

Do you only make wedding rings, or do you make other types of jewellery and if so what?

Michael and his team at Michael Frank Jewellers specialise in bespoke engagement rings, bespoke wedding rings, bespoke jewellery and diamonds.

They also carry out jewellery repairs, watch repairs and valuations. As well as the restoration and repair of antique and vintage jewellery. Michael and Amanda are very proud of the jewellery they design; everything they create is exceptionally made to the highest standard to ensure it lasts a lifetime setting them apart from the rest.

Michael Frank Jewellers has a shop and consultation suite based in Essex and also stock branded and non-branded jewellery, watches, pre-owned luxury watches, pre-owned and antique jewellery and a wide selection of gifts

Michael Frank Jewellers

 What kind of rings do you like to design?

 Michael’s craftsmanship and creativity provides clients with items of excellence and exceptional quality. He truly enjoys to design rings that stand out from the crowd, unique and usual reflecting his client’s personality and ensuring heirlooms for future generations to come.

Michael Frank Jewellers (7)

What’s your favourite jewellery piece you’ve designed to date?

There have been many beautiful pieces from engagement rings to art-deco pendants. His wife’s Amanda’s own engagement ring is a personal favourite of his! There is a particular gentleman’s engagement ring that Michael talks about with great enthusiasm. It was completely encrusted with diamonds with diamonds even set in the claws holding the central stone in place. It was a definite show stopper and one of a kind and one that Michael still holds close to his heart.

What advice would you give to a couple trying to choose their jeweller?

Designing and commissioning engagement and wedding rings should be a wonderful experience. Full of emotion, joy, excitement and signifying a new chapter in your life. Therefore, always feel comfortable with whom you choose. Feel free to laugh and get excited and enjoy the whole experience. Let the jeweller inspire you not just ‘sell’ you a ring. And definitely never feel pressured into buying something you are not sure about. When couples decide to have their wedding rings made by us we like to say thank you by giving them some free gifts.


Michael Frank Jewellers (4)


How many wedding rings do you make a year?

We are extremely busy and make numerous rings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. That’s why we always suggest clients come for a consultation sooner rather than later so that we can make their rings in time for their big day.  


 Do you advise on what type of style would suit someone?

Clients are invited to come for a jewellery consultation when choosing engagement, wedding rings or bespoke jewellery.  In a relaxed and private environment clients are able to view our extensive range or have jewellery designed for them personally. During this time we can discuss their ideas and what they want to achieve, how much time we have to do it and how much they want to spend. The rings are designed with the client’s lifestyle and personality in mind and what will suit them.

 Michael Frank Jewellers (6)

Did you make your own wedding rings?

Yes of course! My wife would have never forgiven me if I didn’t! But I did leave it till quite late as I was so busy making other peoples! Thankfully they were finished in time for our big day!

Do you hold consultations so that the couples can get to know you and your work?

 I believe that couples should have a personal and exciting experience when choosing and designing their wedding or engagement rings and be able to talk face to face with a trained and experienced jeweller who will guide them through the process with enthusiasm and ease. That is why we also offer free consultations and the process is not rushed. If clients are undecided they can return and see me as many times as they like until they feel confident with their choices. This is one of the reasons we ask clients to book appointments. It ensures that I can dedicate my time to them and everyone is made to feel important, confident and benefit fully from the time they spend with us.

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