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I can remember back in the day when I used to visit my local shops, the shopkeepers always remembered my name, no matter how infrequent my visits and it made me feel really special.  I was made to feel like I was their most important customer.  In fact, I once went on holiday to the Maldives and loved it so much I went back the following year, not only did the staff remember my name, but the bartender even remembered what my favourite drink was (although I probably should be more concerned than impressed)!

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 Nowadays when I visit a shop, nine times out of ten the shop assistant does not acknowledge me, they are either talking to their friend on the next till or don’t even look up whilst serving me.  It’s no wonder I’m a huge fan of online shopping.  However, I really do like the personal touch, even if it’s just a “Can I help you with anything today, madam?” when I walk into a shop. 

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The fact is, we all like being made to feel special and that shouldn’t be confined to shops.  Wouldn’t you like to see your name on a parking space in the car park, or a table at your favourite restaurant with your surname on a plaque?  These little touches go a long way, it’s not always the grand gestures that are the best ones, and it’s the little things that matter.

Make your guests feel this special with all your stationery items.  Have their names printed in your wedding invitations instead of writing them in, make sure you find out the full names of any plus one guests you have going, make them feel like you want them there.

Place Name Cards

Ensure all place cards and the seating plan contain both the first name and surname, you don’t want the wrong Dave sitting at the wrong table.  Not only does it make life easier for your guests, it makes them feel that you’ve thought about them.  If you don’t find out the full names of all your guests, ask yourself why you’re inviting them in the first place.  The room should be filled with people you love and who love and support you. They will have made the effort to book hotels, chose the perfect gift and bought the right outfit, so show them they’re wanted, make it personal.  

Place Name Cards

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