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You’ve just got engaged and you’re floating on cloud nine.  You can’t stop looking at your ring and you’re feeling euphoric.  After a few weeks, the reality of getting married sinks in and the feeling of euphoria turns to a feeling of being overwhelmed.

That’s when you start thinking about your bridal party and groomsmen.  Over the years you will have come across people that you just know you want to be involved in your wedding, it may be a best friend from when you were five, your sister, your brother, an aunt or the man on the moon.  

Will You Be My Best Man Postcard

The next thing to think about is how to ask them “Will you be my bridesmaid?” “Will you be my maid of honour?” “Will you be my best man?”, and do you want to make it a special moment?

When I got engaged, I knew who my bridesmaids were going to be and I invited them both round for dinner. They’d never met before, so I wanted them to meet each other first before being thrown together in the thick of things.  I decorated the dining the room with lots of sparkly hearts, flowers and candle light.  Then I took them into the room and asked them if they’d be my bridesmaids.  It was a really special moment for all of us and it’s a lovely memory to look back on.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Postcard

My husband took his best friend to the pub, said “Will you be my best man?” to which the reply was “Yeah alright then” and they were done, and went on to talk about cricket.  Whereas me and my girls talked all evening about all things wedding.

It’s a big thing to do, these guys and girls are going to be by your side throughout the whole wedding planning process, the Hen & Stag Do’s and the actual wedding itself.  So pick wisely, pick people that you can rely on, that won’t let you down, and won’t pull out when things get tough.  Pick people that are as excited about your wedding as you are. 

Will You Be My Maid of Honour Postcard

My bridesmaids were amazing, they threw themselves right into their roles, one of them came with us on venue viewings and asked questions I would never have thought of, the other was brilliant at being honest when it came to choosing my wedding dress.  They never moaned or grumbled (well not to my face anyway!) about doing things with me, they just did it. 

I didn’t really know the Best Man, but he did a great job of looking after the groom and taking care of our guests throughout the day.  Our ushers were fantastic at herding the guests to the right places.

Girlfriend Will You be my Bridesmaid Postcard

Choose wisely, have fun, make memories and be nice to your guys and girls, they want you to have the best day. Remember this is your wedding and not theirs and they can’t be at all the appointments and take up every weekend to help you wedding plan, that doesn’t mean they’re not committed to their roles.

So just think before you ask, ‘will you be……?’

A Bride Needs her Sister Will You be my Maid of Honour Postcard

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