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At the stroke of midnight most wedding receptions end, it’s the next day and no longer your wedding day, cue sad face emoji.  The years, months, days of planning are over in an instant and what happens next is married life.

Most couples will take a honeymoon first…and who can blame them, wedding planning is exhausting.  For me our honeymoon was the down time that I needed to recover from our planning.  Scratch that, I cannot lie, our honeymoon was the down time my new husband needed after he did the majority of planning himself, and he excelled at it.  He planned me the wedding of my dreams. 

Dior Bow Thank You Card

However, I digress, what happens after the wedding.  After our wedding we had a week before jetted off to sunnier climes, so we did a very important task.  We wrote all our thank you cards to our wedding guests.  All our family and friends made the day so special for us, it was only right to thank them all as soon as possible.

We also had a wedding gift list (but that’s a whole other blog, believe me...!) so we wanted to thank everyone for their generosity, including those who weren’t at the wedding but were kind enough to send gifts.  

Blissful Bow Thank You Card

We were lucky enough to have a list of all the gifts that people had bought us, so we could thank them for the gift by item, even though we weren’t due to receive them until we were back from our honeymoon.

We…I say we…I mean I spent a lot of time writing our cards (I let him off, after all he planned the wedding), I wanted my words to reflect how grateful I was to my family and friends for sharing our special day and for their generous gifts.  I appreciate as a wedding guest how much money you can spend on attending a wedding, from the outfit to the gift and more often nowadays the accommodation too.  It’s a lot to ask of a person, but those who truly love you are only too happy to make the effort.

Pearl Passion Thank You Card

I hand wrote our Thank You cards, although on reflection after looking at them, I perhaps should have typed them so that they didn’t look like I’d got my friends’ child to write them on my behalf.  The writing may not have been to a calligraphers’ standard, but the words were all heartfelt.

Subtle Sparkles Thank You Card

Don’t wait too long to write and send your thank you cards, it’s not good wedding etiquette to leave people waiting to be thanked.  If you’re going on your honeymoon straight away, take some time out over cocktails to plan how you’re going to approach them on your return and make sure they are at the top of your To Do List. 

08-Flying the Flag Thank You Card

Stick to an A6 (postcard) size card so you aren’t overwhelmed with the amount of space to fill. This can often lead to writing an essay that doesn’t really say how you feel.  If you have been bought a specific gift, make sure you write this in the card, do not use generic wording which makes it seem like they dropped off a conveyor belt.  However, if you have been given money as a present, do not write, thank you for the £50.  I would suggest writing, thank you for your generous gift, we will put it towards our house fund, new bathroom etc. Recall a funny anecdote or incident that happened to show them that you remember they were there and how much you appreciated it.

Once they’ve gone out in the post, you can sit back, relax and start your married life together. 

Lace It Up Thank You Card

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