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What’s been on my hook these past months at Needle & Fred? Read below to find out!

There’s never a moment when my hook is empty of yarn.  There are quite simply too many patterns and not enough time.  It can be overwhelming to know what to make next.  However, with a steady stream of orders coming in throughout the year, I’m never short of inspiration.  One of my clients asked for an unlikely pairing of a fox and frog.  The frog is one of the smallest items I’ve made and I won’t lie, it’s quite fiddly but I was pleased with the result.  Freddy the fox is firm favourite with my clients and I find myself making them quite regularly.

Fox and Frog


I am a little bit dinosaur obsessed so getting to crochet dinosaurs for work is like my dream job.  I’m so proud of the T-Rex that I made, the detailing is brilliant thanks to the pattern from @little_green_bear.  The Diplodino is a great for new-borns, it’s colours are  so vibrant.  This is from @blondieandbeardie.  I like their work.  One day I would like to design my own dinosaur crochet toy. What dinosaur would you chose and why?

Crocheted Dinosaurs


Hot of the hook as us crocheters say is Una the Unicorn.  She was made for a little girl who was ever so patient waiting for her to arrive.  I was able to braid the unicorns hair, so I hope she gets to wear lots of different hair styles with her new owner.

Una the Unicorn


Una the Unicorn


If you would like a hand made item from Needle & Fred you can order directly from the website or contact me via the contact form on the website.


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