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Seal of Love wedding invitations

This particular design has been very popular this year. This time the design is for bookfold invitations rather than pocketfold. The wax seal is authentic and done by hand, they are not stickers, they are traditional wax seals made with hot wax and a stamp, so every single one is different.

17th May 2019

Motivation Monday

If this doesn't make you smile on a Monday, then I don't know what will!

20th May 2019

Tip Tuesday

I am forever telling my couples this! It's both your day, therefore you should divide the tasks equally and do lots of them together it's so much more fun. My husband and I did our planning together, in fact I think he did the lions' share and he enjoyed it.

21st  May 2019

Wisdom wednesday

Taking wise words from another today.

22nd May 2019

Throwback Thursday

Going back to 2015 to a wedding filled with beautiful personal touches to make their guests feel truly welcome. These door hangers had a welcome letter on one side and on the other a Do Not Disturb sign so that the guests could be left in peace after a hard night of partying!

23rd May 2019

Funday Friday

I'm all over the crown!

17th May 2019

Funday Friday

Now hats off to all couples that survive this one!!

24th May 2019

NEw greeting cards available now!

Prezola - The Wedding gift list

If you are struggling to know what you do about a wedding gift list, whether you're asking for a toaster or just money.  Let Prezola help you bring it altogether.   It's not just a gift list for you to ask for items, you can coordinate a Honeymoon Fund, have cash contributions made to your account, you can book experiences to make memories or have your guests to donate to your favourite charity.  

If you'd like to find out more visit the Prezola website today.  If you decided to sign up with them, be sure to use the code PZAYDJVQCRA to receive £50 credit.  T&Cs apply. 

Happy Easter