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Hello and welcome to Yours Occasionally.  I thought you might like to hear from me and learn a little bit more about me and what I do.  Be sure to check back for more videos! 


Remember this!!!  


The first wedding invitations of the year are made and despatched.  What a great feeling to be making invitations again. These Sealed with Love Bookfold invitations have been made using an actual wax seal and not stickers. I love pressing the stamp onto the wax and watching it spread out into shape. It feels like a life time ago I last made a full set of invitations!

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    wisdom Wednesday

     Wise words about marriage. 


    Going back to January last year, that seems about three years ago now.  I made these gorgeous bespoke invitations for a couple.  They had a comprehensive list of information for their guest so it was lovely to be able to add images.  They had an illustrator design the picture of them as a couple in their wedding attire.

    funday friday

    I know I don't look my best in the morning with my woo hoo hair! 

    prezola - the wedding gift list

    If you are struggling to know what you do about a wedding gift list, whether you're asking for a toaster or just money.  Let Prezola help you bring it altogether.   It's not just a gift list for you to ask for items, you can coordinate a Honeymoon Fund, have cash contributions made to your account, you can book experiences to make memories or have your guests to donate to your favourite charity.  

    If you'd like to find out more visit the Prezola website today.  If you decided to sign up with them, be sure to use the code PZAYDJVQCRA to receive £50 credit.  T&Cs apply.